Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ups and downs

Just as I was about to leave home to go meet my reading student, I sat down in the living room to do a little task and looked up just in time to see two pileated woodpeckers fly in.
One perched out in a maple tree, but the other landed up on a flower pot on the deck railing.  I took these photographs through the  very dirty living room window.

So startling to see these big guys up close.
I always think of Woody The Woodpecker when I see them.

What a great cone head!

The truth is, I would prefer that these guys not get started drilling on my maple trees.
The can make sawdust out of a tree in no time flat.

The downer of my day was that my student was a no show.  After waiting 30 minutes at the library, I sent the mom a text and she replied that 'they forgot, sorry'.  So, I think I'm about at the stage where I have had enough of that, but maybe I'll give her one more chance, I have to think it over.

In the meantime,
Life is Good.

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