Sunday, January 11, 2015

Doing what I do

It seems like I'm getting back to doing what I do.  
I'm back to taking photographs of the birds outside my living room window.

Siesta time for this Red Bellied Wood pecker
I'm back to practicing paino (not enough, just enough to improve a little before the next lesson).  

I back to playing bridge & sharing lunch with folks at the Senior Center most Thursdays. 
I'm back to doing a little volunteer work - my reading student was sick this week but I worked as a judge at Wisconsin Regional Academic Decathlon on Friday morning.  I worked with a partner to conduct and judge interviews with high school students.  This was my second year as a judge and every bit as enjoyable as last year.  The kids are friendly, bright, diverse, self aware, and funny.  I enjoyed every one of the 9 interviews & found myself wishing we had more time to spend with each student.  So often we hear bad news about teenagers, but based on these 9 kids, I think there is an awful lot of good out there too.  Kids who are reading the biography and philosophy of a Roman Emperor to learn how best to live life today, who love the experience of working as part of a team, who are learning to cook and aspire to be a chef, who are concerned about diversity and the importance of supporting each other regardless of sexual preference, who love their little brothers enough to sacrifice their own choices, who have stood tall in the face of conflict, and who have worked hard to keep or raise grades in order that they might continue to participate in an academic competition.  
It was an inspirational morning.  

I did my own research on Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and found this quote among his many.  It seems so relevant I wanted to share it here.  I hope that young man knows he inspired me to learn. 

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