Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Valdemars

On Sunday after our visit to see The Erickson Gardens, we traveled on to Luck and dropped in on Kyle and Heather and family.  We gave them a little warning and they invited us to come for supper.
Gage on skis and a boat full of Johansens.
We had a good spot on their deck watching them as they came in off the lake.
The boys headed off to basketball practice and the girls went home with Ryan for a sleep over.
It was just Kyle and Heather and Jens, Dad and Ev and me to enjoy the great food and visiting.
Jens was into the watermelon big time.
Jens...no shirt, no shoes, all the watermelon you want
It's great to be a baby in the summertime
Jens got a real silly streak going and really put on a show for all of us, but both Kyle and I thought he was really shining towards Dad.  We think that there was a real Valdemar to Valdemar connection going on.
Dad got a real kick out of this little guy, he was glad we got to spend some time with him.
Jens Henry Valdemar was checking out Great Grandpa Valdemar's cane

After dinner, Jens got to have a bath and help Mom with the dishes.
Jens likes washing dishes
Dad and Kyle had some visit time on the deck while we girls chatted and watched Jens get his bath.

Panorama view of Big Butternut Lake from Kyle's yard

We left for Rice Lake just after sundown.
As always at that time of day, it is risky driving with deer around.But I did not think that we would see our first 2 deer of the drive in the Park Avenue Park at Luck.
Ev noticed this deer standing in the park, he trotted across the road to join another buck before going into the woods.
We saw several other deer along our trip back to Rice Lake, but luckily they stayed off the road.
A fun Sunday for sure.
We hope to drop in on more of the nieces and nephews over the summer for visits.

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