Monday, July 9, 2012

The Erickson Gardens

On Sunday afternoon, Dad and Ev and I took a drive over towards Luck 
to see The Erickson Gardens.  
Gary and Mary Erickson 
have day lilies and Asiatic lilies 
as well as over 2000 annuals which are a sight to see.
Day lily field
Asiatic lily display
One of my favorite varieties
Gary and Mary took time out of their afternoon to visit and show us around the gardens.
If you are from Luck, you should see these gardens.
 The variety of day lilies are impressive.

I caught this hummingbird and bee sharing a flower.

The deer flies were a little bothersome, 
but Mary brought out hats for us to put on our heads which helped keep them from buzzing us.
We had a very nice visit with Mary and Gary Erickson,
their son, Todd, died in a car accident in March of 1999.
These gardens are such a wonderful way to remember him.

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