Sunday, July 22, 2012

A little update

It seems like I am busier with Dad & Ev here so my blogging gets a little slow.
This past week was a mixed bag.  On Monday, we went to the Urgent & Family Care Center so Dad could be seen.  He had developed a bad cough and was wheezing.  I was worried it was pneumonia, but the doctor said no.  The medication seems to have really kicked it now after 7 days.  But for 4 days, we pretty much were home bodies so Dad could rest and get well.
Unfortunately we had to turn down two invitations for visiting with the kids, but it could not be helped.
Along with being sick, Dad was bothered by his hair being too long.
They had hoped to make a trip to St. Croix Falls for haircuts by their favorite Barb, the Barber.
But, she does not take appointments and between the drive over and the wait, it would have been too much for Dad.  
So, after playing cards on Thursday, I stopped in the little barber shop in Cameron, and Gayle Larson, the barber, had time to cut both Dad & Ev's hair on Friday.
On Friday, I went to the driving range in the morning with friend Carol, then came home and got the folks and we went for their haircuts.  
The barber is a very nice Wisconsin guy and the folks were pleased with their haircuts.  
We stopped at The Cameron House for lunch and had some delicious fish.
And then headed off for a little drive around the countryside.
After golf, my friend Carol had shown me a very large mansion that is being built in Chetek.
We also drove around Gopher Point, a building development in Chetek that is comprised of twin homes on the lake.  We also took a spin past the 'driving range' and then stopped in Chetek for ice cream before heading home.  We all enjoyed the outing.
It was nice enough when we got back to sit on the back deck and visit.
A good day all around, especially with Dad feeling better.
A week ago, I went to a farmer's market at The Country Pantry and Market.
One of the items I bought was a squirrel feeder which I thought looked like it would be fun for the squirrels.
I brought it home and put it on one of the feeder platforms, and the squirrels found it and I was amused seeing them get their seeds out of a big gallon jar.
The jar laid on its side on the curved support and then plugged into the little house.
The squirrel would then go through the little house, into the jar, to get a treat.
Friday afternoon Dad went out on the deck and then came in the house and told me we had a problem.
A mourning dove had gotten into the glass jar and was frantic to get out.
I grabbed a screwdriver and a dark towel.  I threw the towel over the jar and the bird settled down.  Then the bird found the way out of the little house and flew off.
I'm not going to risk another deal like that, so the glass jar is removed and the squirrels can have the little house as a play place.
Fun design but not bird proof.
Yesterday I took a few pictures in the backyard.
 I love my cone flowers this year and hope that I can get them to reseed so I have more next year 

The cosmo flowers have always been one of my favorites.

Their flowers and leaves are so delicate

One day lily in the backyard and it continues to bloom
 The folks and I were sitting out on the back deck almost at dark and we got to see this 
hummingbird moth visiting each of the petunia blooms.
That was a treat.

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