Sunday, July 8, 2012

Oh my gosh is was too hot

On Thursday after the 4th of July, I headed Southwest to Herold & Waumandee, Wisconsin for a couple of days of visiting.  
Roche and LeAnna were home and, of course, 
I wanted to see Kris and Lora & Anders who live just 9 miles from the Rosenow farm.

The drive from Herold to Waumandee is not far, but it is straight up and straight down, 
well not straight...curvy up and curvy down.
View of Waumandee from Country Road EE
Quite a beautiful sight!
Although the haze you see is HEAT!

Hwy 88 and County Road EE
Of course, you go through Cream going there.
And there are some classic views of farms along the way.
Farm on County Road EE
And sometimes you get lucky and see a beautiful sunset behind clouds from atop of the ridge.
Those clouds were bringing cooler weather, thankfully!
I had supper with LeAnna, Roche & Tom and Paul 2 nights.  
It was fun to have some visit time and of course the meals were very tasty!
We also made a visit to see their Uncle Dale, 
who has just moved into a senior's living complex in Winona, MN.
LeAnna Rosenow, Rochelle Tisdale and Dale Rothering
When I was lining them up to take the photo, Dale said "make me look tall", so that's why a silly picture, 
but good smiles all around.  We had a nice visit with Dale 
and we were happy to see him so settled into his new digs.
It is sure fun that Kris and Lora live in that area now.
In fact, looking through the abstract for their house in Herold, there were more than one Rosenow names listed as previous owners.  It is an interesting small world most of the time.
The house in Herold is a good setting 
and already Kris and Lora are making improvements that are making the house be a real sweet place.
They live on the outskirts of Herold
(Population less than 20)
Chickens are funny,
and I get some kind of silly fun out of taking their pictures.
Greta keeps an eye on the chickens,
they coexist in harmony.

The chickens are kind of cool lookin'
And the roosters are fun to photograph
The chickens came out of the coop and got interested in what was to eat in the garden.
Their garden looks wonderful and they are going to have a million tomatoes.
Kris is growing a nice crop of beets.
We were sad that swimming lessons were cancelled but stopped at Buena Vista Park in Alma 
for a little fun on the swings.
Anders is such a little guy now.

Lora and Anders
There was a wedding going on at the park at the same time.
It was pretty interesting.

The bridesmaids in red dresses with white sashes and the bride's white dress had some red detail on it.
I did not see a photographer, I should have hopped into the mix and snapped a few for them.
It is good to be a kid.
In the afternoon, Anders and I drove to Grantsburg so he can spend the week with the Grandmas while Lora goes to a conference in Las Vegas.
Anders talked except when he took a nap.

When we saw all the tubers in Somerset waiting for the bus to get back on the river,
Anders said "When those people with the black tubes go in the river, what do they do if there is a waterfall?"
Good Question!
He also was amused by the names of the some of the towns we drove through.  He thought Osceola was funny, but he said the silliest of all was Dresser!
We drove by the hospital in St. Croix Falls and I told him that Jens and Ruby and Stella and the other kids were born there.  He said he was born there too, but I said I thought he was born at the hospital in Menomonie or Eau Claire, he said "There is more than ONE hospital?"
That was big news to him.
So, then our conversation went on...He said that Jens would get big like Jack and Gage but that it would take forever.  Then the real comment on our day..."Aunt Wanda, do you know what else is TAKING FOREVER today?  Driving to Grandmas!"
I couldn't really argue with that.
He was glad to arrive at Grandma Lulu's and he right away knew that Aunt Lena was there when he saw her car in the driveway.
My drive back to Rice Lake was uneventful and it was good to arrive.
Home Sweet Home.

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