Monday, July 16, 2012

H O T Baseball 'through the fence'

 Last weekend, Gage and his friend, Levi Jensen, came to Rice Lake for the weekend.  Gage was playing in a baseball tournament with his "Shockers" team.  Levi was along to watch.  They stayed Friday and Saturday nights at my house with Dad & Ev and me.
The kids had fun playing with my iPad in the evening.
Here are few of the 761 pictures I took through the course of  7 ball games.
The temperature at game time was almost 90 degrees.
Getting ready for the first game.

 The first game was Friday night.
Gage made an unassisted double play by catching a fly ball and tagging first, 
then he had 3 triples.  It was a good night for him.

Dad and Ev came to the game on Saturday noon.
Here the boys are keeping them company before the game.
We had umbrellas that gave us a little shade, but it was H O T.

On Saturday, there was a close play on 3rd.
Gage tagged out the runner as you can see.
The other team claimed Gage pushed the runner off the bag, but the momentum carried him.
Here is the proof.

Little magic with photo editing.
Glove in mitt, batter in the dirt, but no one got hurt.

More fun with photo editing.

Gage and Coach Stenberg

Gage pitched several innings

Stepping into it

Gage played first for several innings and on Sunday Dad looks on
This dragon fly watched the game for a bit too

Pre game meeting at the plate

All of my photos from this tournament were taken 'through the fence'

Coming in for the slide

The slide and the overthrow

And he is safe.

Gage played catcher on Sunday when the heat was stifling.
He made a good save on this 'just a little high' pitch.
Gage cooling down between innings
Close play at second, the ball is in his mitt.
Gage is a good hitter, here he is about to connect.
Close play at 3rd
Popped it up...
Who's got it?
Gotta call those!
Jens and his Dad at the final game, it was scorcher, but Jens seemed happy.
Gage on 2nd
After 7 games played in the high heat of summer,
Gage's team, The Shockers, took second out of 10 teams.
Nice job!
Gage gets his 2nd place medal from one of the players on the winning Rice Lake team.

The boys were leaving for the games on Sunday as the folks were still lounging.

It was a fun weekend with the boys here with us and the baseball games were really good.
And I got lots of work done on my tan!
All of the baseball game photographs were taken with my camera in Manual Focus mode.
My access to the field was limited of course, and I had to shoot everything through the fence.

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