Sunday, July 1, 2012

A trip to Big Moon

Glenn and Kathy invited Dad & Ev and I for supper at their Big Moon Lake cottage last night. 
This muskrat was busy around the edge of the lake.
Muskrats are not very 'cute' but their lifestyle is pretty interesting.
It was a very nice and quiet evening on the lake and we had a yummy supper.  
A pontoon boat ride after dinner was just the perfect dessert. 
Getting down to the dock for the folks is not bad with the nice stairs and boardwalk.
Getting from the dock to pontoon takes a little help
Once on the water, we had a nice slow ride, and time to visit.
We managed to get fairly close to this lone loon.
Loons are not always cooperative subject matter but I always love the opportunity to try.
Trees reflected in the water give this loon a nice backdrop.
The loon is watching the activity on the beach.  I caught the colors reflected on the water.
Keeping an eye on the beach
An eagle out hunting for his supper, goes bad for the fish who catch his eye
You can never have too many 'sunset over the water' photographs
Just a wave
Once the clouds drifted off, the sunset completely changed color.
Sunset over Big Moon

It was a very nice afternoon at Big Moon.
Thanks Glenn and Kathy!

Dad & Ev at the end of the ride

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