Monday, February 16, 2015

The other brother and sister and uncle

Seems like I have 'other family' members scattered about.
Dad & Ev were so close with Jim and Janette Swenson, that they are like my 'other brother and sister in law'.
On my way to Iowa for Uncle Thorvald's funeral, I stayed overnight in Clear Lake, Iowa and met Jim and Janette for drinks and dinner.  We had a nice visit.
Wanda, Janette & Jim
Cancun Restaurant
Clear Lake, IA
On my way back from Iowa, I spent two nights in Herold, WI at Kris & Lora's house.  Kris was a way on business but I had a nice visit with Lora and Anders.  More on that later.

Monday, while Anders and Lora were at school, I drove to Winona to see my 'other uncle Dale'.  I always called Betty my 'other mother' and Dale is her brother.  Dale and I had a nice visit.  Dale had a bad cough when I was there, I hope he's better by now.  He wasn't up for the drive to La Crosse, which I suggested to him.

I took a photo of Dale standing in front of a door wreath that has golf tees and golf balls on it.
A friend made that wreath for Dale, he likes it as it reminds him of his golfing days.

Dale really enjoys the books on tape that he gets from the Library of Congress, what a great service for folks with sight limitations!

It sounds like he likes it fine there but that the routine gets a little tedious. He mentioned missing having the independence of a car although he knows he doesn't see well enough to drive.  He was curious about anything I knew of the Rosenow nieces and nephews, especially Paul.  😏

Before I left, the receptionist took our photo. They have added badge access to the building as a result of the robbery last fall.  Dale told me that a student confessed to stealing the large portrait and that the painting has been returned to Watkins.  The security upgrade seems smart to me.
Dale Rothering and Wanda at Watkins Senior Living

I'm hoping to get back to Herold in March or April to see my nephew and family, hopefully I'll have time to visit both Winona and Waumandee next time to see my other family.

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