Thursday, February 19, 2015

Again with the plumber, geesh

Yet another fitting blew on the plumbing in the crawl space.  It happened just as I was about to jump into the shower so I could go play Bridge.  
I knew what it was right away, and turned off the power to the well pump.

I called my usual plumber, Chad, but the bad news was he was in Oshkosh and could not help me until Monday.  
He suggested I call my nephew in law's brother, and so I did.  I got lucky, both my nephew in law and his brother were off work today and were willing to come and help me.
While Ryan worked in the crawl space fixing my leak, Mark and I got caught up on his family of 4 girls and busy wife, my niece, Krista.

I had my trail cam set up to capture the porch kitties but instead I got plumber legs.

The leak is fixed and he did not charge me enough, but I'll make it up to him somehow.

I missed playing cards, but at least I was here when the leak started, otherwise it could have been a big ice sculpture poking out of the end of the house.

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