Tuesday, February 10, 2015

He's getting so long & so smart

I had a nice visit in Herold with Anders and Lora.  Kris was away in Kentucky for work trapping elk for relocation to Wisconsin, but that's his story not mine.  Back to my story, I stopped for two nights in Herold on my way home from my Uncle Thorvald's funeral in Iowa.  

Anders is getting to be a big boy, almost 7, and very fun to visit with.
I arrived Sunday afternoon in time for some visit time and supper.  I brought him a kid's Atlas and he was interested in the mazes and other activities on the pages of each state.  He disappeared for a bit and came out of his room with the exact same book that someone else had given him, but that didn't bother him, he had double the fun activities to do that way.  
Eventually he got around to being 'the teacher' and telling me I had homework to do.
He would assign the page I should turn to, and then we would look and see what was there to do, and most of the time, he would do the activity.  It was fun to see how he thinks.

He had a funny balloon/tether ball toy that he was enjoying bouncing.  Lora showed him how it was full of static electricity and you can see he liked this experiment.

The next day, it was school for Anders and Lora.  After I saw Anders get on the bus and wished Lora a good day as she drove off, I got ready to go meet with my 'other uncle Dale'.  I posted the photos from our visit in a separate entry.
That evening, I picked Anders up at day care, where he goes after school, and he and I headed home for fun and play.
Anders loves his little cars and big truck and garage toy.  He lays on the floor and talks to the cars and trucks, putting them to sleep, waking them up, running them around the track and smashing them together.  It was entertaining to watch and I took a short time lapse video of him.
Click here to see the video or go to my YouTube channel.

That evening, after a yummy supper together, we played a game of Yahtzee.
Anders loves this game and goes for the Yahtzee time and time again.
He's still learning about the odds of getting all of the dice to match, but the lure of being able to shout "Yahtzee"!  out weighs the risk of losing the game.
No matter, it was fun and he's learning.
This time Lora won, but the next time, I'm betting it may turn out differently.

Life is Good.

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