Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Danish Verse

During the coffee following Uncle Thorvald's service, as family friend, Kathy,  was having fun showing off a Danish Verse that Uncle Thorvald had translated for her.  

Normally a heart like this might display the Danish Table Prayer "I Jesu Navn" and from across the room, that is what I thought she was showing the others.  

When she got to me, I saw that it was a verse I was not familiar with and since my Danish is limited only to those prayers and songs which I memorized as kid, she had to explain it to me.

She said she got the heart at an estate sale, wasn't sure if it is Danish or Norwegian so Kathy showed it to Uncle Thorvald.
He did her the favor of a proper translation and it is preserved on the back.

Most of Uncle Thorvald's life was spent in capturing the history of the Danish Lutheran Church in America, his translations were of great historical significance.  It is fun to see he took the time to have a little chuckle along the way.

Sit in Peace
but not too long;
Another's need
may be very strong.

Life is Good.

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