Sunday, July 27, 2014

Yay for rain

We had a storm roll through Saturday night, complete with Tornado Warning, but luckily we only had a little light hail, not much wind and a nice amount of rain.

This morning the lily blooms were very pretty with a little bit of rain left on their petals.
This bee was busy visiting the yellow lily blooms.

Close up beauty shot.

This orange lily, new this year, has vibrant color and curled petals, very unique.

I really love the delicate lemonade color of this lily.  A little ruffle around the petal edge adds to the charm.
A few hot days this week and the tomatoes are starting to turn.
These beauties might be on my supper plate tonight.
It's been a wonderful summer, not many hot days at all, windows open at night most every night.
My plants look great and the flowers are abundant.
And now, the tomatoes are getting ripe.
Life is Good.

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