Sunday, July 6, 2014

Working with Dad

I had saved a section of railing & spindles from the remodel work we did on my entrance deck last year.  
It looked to me like it could be made into a gate.  
Once I mentioned it to Dad, it was going to get done during this visit.  
Ev was feeling very worn out today, so while she napped, Dad and I got busy on the project.  
He was the supervisor and I was the worker.  
Dad can do more than you would think these days, and he's no slouch on carpenter work of course.
So, Dad guided me as I cut down the section of railing & spindles to the correct size.
We added the end rails, and the hinges and the top rail & the turnbuckle closer.
Then we admired our work.
Deck gate project is done.

It looks like it has always been there from when the Petersen's built this deck.

Dad had to get down on the ground to be sure it looked like the gate lined up on the existing deck rails.

I just need to touch up the stain and it will look like it's always been there.
Not that I really needed a gate on the front deck, 
but as long as most of the work was already done, why not.
If I hang a little sign on the gate "No Vacancy", maybe M R Bear will stay out?
No matter, 
whenever I get a chance to do a project with Dad, 
I learn a lot about woodworking, 
not to mention, 
it's really fun.

Life is good.

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