Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I've been trying to figure out how to solve a nagging problem at my front door.  
The wooden pergola roof on the porch is a nuisance after a rain or snow.  
Drip drip drip, right on my head.
I thought about taking off the slotted roof and attaching an awning to the house, and I even called a local company who sells these door covers, but they never did return my call.
So, I kept noodling on what I could do to solve this problem.
This year, I came up with the idea of adding a tarp/fabric cover to the pergola.
I asked Glenn if he had any scraps of the water resistant fabric he uses to sew harp cases.
He offered to sew me up the size of tarp I needed and even offered to put grommets along the edges for me.   Within about a week, Glenn had my project done and I did the install.
 Using zip ties (my solution to 80% of life's problems), I attached the fabric to the wood frame.
From the driveway, it was nearly invisible.

Standing on the porch and looking up, the fabric cover looks really nice.

Then came the rain.
Yes, it was dry under the fabric, and that was the goal.
But, there were pockets of water up there and if you were unlucky, you'd get a dump on your head just when you didn't expect it.

Dad and I discussed how to properly solve the pooling of water.
He suggested a series of arched support boards which would give the fabric even support and a good water shed design.  A proper solution.
Since I didn't have the materials, nor the desire to take on that big project, I came up with a plan B.
I found a piece of cedar lumber that was saved from the remodel of the porch, & it measured the exact depth of the pergola roof.
Installed on edge, this gives my fabric roof a tent-like slope.

I re-fastened & stretched the canvas cover and once again used zip ties to secure the fabric.
Now my pergola has an awning roof that drains well.
I'm not sure it is perfect, but by the weather forecasts, I'll know soon enough.
I am pretty confident my DIY fix will work for rain, 
and I hope it is several months before we have to test it on the snow & ice.

I wonder if you can still call it a DIY project when your brother sews the fabric and your Dad gives you guidance on the installation.
Maybe this one is a DIO - Do It Ourselves - project.

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