Thursday, July 24, 2014

A good year for flowers

Until now, we have had plenty of moisture here in Northern Wisconsin and it has made it easy to grow flowers and plants.  I've had to water the last few days, but hopefully Mother Nature will give us a little rain soon.
My front entrance is looking good.

I planted poppies this year, have always wanted to have them in my yard.
I hope that the kind I planted are perennial.
 I grew one plant from seed and bought one in a pot.
Of course, I can't remember which one is which.
Owell, they are unusual and I hope they return next year.

I new plant for me is this Button Flower.
After it blooms, the remaining button is almost like a thistle head.

My day lily patch is really starting to look great.
 Many blooms and many, many buds in the waiting.

Here is a sampling of my day lily collection.




Purple with lemon center

Purple with lemon center

Red with many buds on this clump.


Each time Gary & Mary gave me lilies, they urged me to pick ones I wanted, but I wanted the colors to be random.  I've ended up with a nice assortment of colors and types of day lilies and it's a delight to walk out the front door each morning to see them in bloom.

It's been a good year for flowers.
Life is Good.

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