Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve Sprained Ankle

Unfortunately, when I arrived in Belmond, Iowa on Sunday evening, I managed to slip on some ice and sprain my ankle.  I was unloading my car, using the handicap ramp.  Iowa ice got me.  I was able to limp in and settle my belongings in the hospitality suite but that was all.  I knew before going to bed that I would not be able to drive the next day.  Lucky that Glenn and Kathy were staying overnight in Albert Lea, so I called them and asked that they pick up Dad and Ev, and possibly me, to drive in Des Moines for Uncle Chris's funeral.

After a sleepless night, and being able to just barely move the three steps to the bathroom, I knew I could not go to Des Moines.

Well I can't tell you how disappointed and sad I am that I missed the service for Uncle Chris.  It was such a dumb deal, ice on the handicap ramp, slipped and my food slammed down hard, but lucky it didn't twist or roll.  I could put very very little weight on it until afternoon so coming to Des Moines was impossible.  I sat with ice on it all morning.   I was able to walk a little bit very slowly by afternoon and managed to drive home last evening.  One of the very worst/miserable days of my lifetime to be sure.  I was very glad to get home safely and get my foot up with ice bag. 

Good riddance 2012, welcome 2013.  I hope you bring good luck.

So, on a lighter note, as I was driving into Belmond on the 30th (BSA - before sprained ankle) I took a couple of shots.
Main street Belmond is really decked out for the holidays, trees along the roof line on both sides of main street.

The sunset was a beauty, looked like the sky was on fire.

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