Monday, December 24, 2012

Little Christmas Eve

The plan for Christmas was to go over to Luck on Christmas Eve for afternoon church and then spend the evening with the Luck Johansens at Kyle's house.  On the afternoon of the 23rd, I got  text from Kyle inviting me come over a day early 'for various reasons'.  I was just relaxing enjoying Little Christmas Eve at my house, so decided I would make the trip.  It worked out that I could bring Jack home from Rice Lake where he had spent the weekend with a friend.
Heather also asked me to stop at Herbergers and pick up a tablecloth for her.  I have to admit I was grumbling about this stop at the mall but then Kyle sent me this text.
Ruby just said, "I'm glad aunt Wanda is coming today, because I didn't want to wait to see her until tomorrow. " true story.
So, the stop at the store went very much easier than I anticipated and the visit with Jack in the car was also time well spent.
Once in Luck, it was fun to see the 5 Johansen kids at Kyle's and how excited they were about Christmas.
As usual, their tree is huge and beautiful and surrounded by presents.
After a sleep over, the next morning was busy with Kyle and Heather scurrying off to work
 and the rest of us lounging around in our jammies.
I was the baby sitter for the morning, it was easy duty as everyone was pretty laid back.
Stella had been sick to her stomach during the night, so she was on the couch taking it very easy.
Ruby was busy showing me this and that.
Jack slept in, as I am sure he had had a very busy weekend.
Gage and I were playing Scrabble on the iPads.  Silly to sit next to each other on the couch and play a game via the internet, but it was fun.
Jens is changing so fast, getting to be such a big boy.
Jens Henry Valdemar....Happy about Cheerios

Big Butternut was frozen, but the snow had blown off the ice in places.  A little early to be out there too.
Kyle gave Jens his first pear in the evening of 12/23/2012, and as you can see, he really enjoyed it and really got into it.
Yummy pear!

How much can I get in my mouth of this yummy pear

This yummy pear juice works good as a hair gel

This ymmy pear juice is good for my complexion too

I love this yummy pear sticky juice!
So, after a busy Christmas Eve morning of preparing for the large family group who would arrive after church, everyone got ready to head to church.
Just about then, I got a bad belly and felt like I was getting sick.
So, after saying a quick good bye as the family headed off to church, I packed up and headed back to Rice Lake.  It worked out that I did not get as sick as Stella, but spent about 12 hours in bed sleeping.
So, it was a very quiet Christmas Eve for me.
I am happy that I had Little Christmas Eve with Kyle and family.
It was very fun.

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