Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Family Photos

Thanks to Lois Skow, I have photographs from Christmas Eve of the family gathering that I missed.  
Lois is always so thoughtful to send out the photos quickly after the event.  Thanks so much.
Couch:  Zack, Nick, Lois, Larry, Heather, Kyle, Jens, Ralph, Stella, Lois, Gage, Emily, Lora, Ivan, Angie
Behind the Couch:  Harold, Aaron, Kris
On the Floor:  Camilla, Ryan, Ruby on Elliana's lap, Anders, Owen, Megan, Milena, Jack

Ivan, Santa, Kyle & Jens
Gage, Elliana, Megan, Stella, Santa, Jack, Anders, Milena, Ruby, Owen

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