Friday, April 29, 2016


I'm continuing to take piano lessons weekly.  Sometimes my progress is quite slow, but generally I enjoy the learning and playing.  This past week my teacher's husband, who teaches guitar, challenged me to try to play along with his guitar version of The Sounds of Silence.  
It was difficult as I'm used to setting my own pace, 
but I can see where it would be fun to play with others once I am good enough.

A couple of the kids had their piano recital last Sunday.  This teacher has 29 students, so it was a big recital.  I enjoyed it all.  The level of play was from very basic beginner to advanced music played by a couple of the high school students.
Gage and Stella did very well.  There was a large audience, I was impressed how they kept their cool and hit all the notes.

Stella at the piano.  Brother Gage got away before we broke out the cameras.

Stella with Grandma Janice and Grandma Lois

Stella with Great Aunt Wanda and Great Aunt Lois
I'm tickled that these kids are taking piano and enjoying it.

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