Saturday, April 23, 2016

200 to 2

In 2009, I planned 200 tulip bulbs in my Rice Lake yard.  
That first year was pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself.
Slowly,  the buds got smaller.
In 2016, I see only 2 bulbs that will flower.
I think I'll stick with daffodils, 
 they seem to like the fact that I have a knack for killing plants, 
and are thriving none the less.

I had a busy day in the yard today, motivated by the predictions of rain tomorrow, I planted the oriental poppies that a friend had offered out of her yard.  Also a couple of lupines were added to the yard.  My Master Gardener friend also gave me 3 little shade plants, so added those below my bedroom window that gets almost no sun.
Add to my day clean up of the day lillie canes.
I also cleaned up the step raised bed and planted Cannas in the top.
I think I'll do Kale on the lower steps again.
There is lots more to do, but at least all the new plants are in the ground and ready for rain.

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