Monday, December 28, 2015


Kyle called on Monday, the car was full and they were headed for Rice Lake.  He invited me to join them for lunch at Applebees.  After a yummy lunch, they were headed to the skate rink, so I ran a few errands, grabbed my camera, and joined them.  
No, I did not skate.

Jack and Jude had stayed home, but friends Zack and Olivia were along.
Moving targets, in a dark, big room, tricky photography for me, but it was fun to try.

Gage and Ruby

Gage and Stella

Jens and Dad

Olivia and Zack resting

Ruby & Olivia

Olivia and Ruby

Ruby and Olivia, with skater helper.

Ruby will get the hang of this soon.

Stella on her blades

Stella, Ruby, Olivia & Zack

Stella, Ruby, Olivia & Zack



Stella and Gage
Fun day thanks to Kyle, Heather and family.

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