Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I find that Rice Lake now has a diverse group of good restaurants.  My favorite is probably Tokyo, where the waitresses know my name and I know theirs.  
I like to stop there for lunch and try new things recommended by Sabrina, Bella or Christy.
Avocado salad and Jalapeno Himachi
Himachi is yellowtail tuna sliced very thin, and rolled.
So far, I have liked everything I have tried, 
even the Crispy Salmon Skin Salad from the other day. 
Wanda, Mary Jo Nelson and Jeri Bitney
Jeri & Mary Jo met me for lunch last week at Tokyo. 
We visited for 3 hours and really enjoyed our time together.

Another good spot just North of Rice Lake is The Country Inn.
This is a traditional supper club with great prime rib.
Friends Pete & Carol and I went out last week for dinner 
and to spend a little time together before the holidays. 
Peter Kramer, Wanda, Carol Kramer
The prime rib looked like a roast!
I brought some home and had prime rib again the next night, and it was wonderful.
Although, I was over-served on Manhattans.  They tasted so great, but 3 is just one too many.

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