Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Display of Coors Memoribilia

Once I got my new round table and started moving things around a bit, I realized that my 'hutch' needed to be reorganized.  It is so true that one thing leads to another.

One of the hardest things about selling my house in Arvada, CO was to leave behind the custom kitchen that Dad had made for me in Iowa, he hauled it to Colorado to stain & finish and then he installed it, with very little help.  

Ev and I assisted as we could but the truth is, 
we were mostly just a warm body to hold something or hand Dad a tool.  

Anyway, back to my 'hutch'.  
In the kitchen of my Arvada house, I had a bar between living room & kitchen that was the only place to eat.  When Dad put the kitchen in, he added a cabinet under the bar on the kitchen side to help with my small kitchen & limited storage.  

After a few years, I got weary of bar stools and decided to drop the bar to normal table height and did that successfully with little help.  But, that meant taking the cupboard off that was under the bar.  No problem it was relocated & re-purposed to the bedroom.  
A table top from a sewing table Dad made me for my high school graduation was added to the top as counter and I used it that way for several years.

When I was planning my move, I decided that little bit of cabinetry could go with me to Wisconsin.  Once here I found the wall in my dining room to be the perfect spot for this 'hutch'.  

Like I said in a previous post, I got a round table so I can play cards at a comfortable table, and that opened up the dining room space.  I had glass put in two doors of the 'hutch' and today I installed some battery powered rope lighting.  

The lighting isn't perfect, but it can easily be adjusted as I decided what would be better.
I love battery powered lights, especially when no outlets are convenient.

 Now some of my favorite Coors collectibles are displayed where I can see them everyday.

Adding an oriental rug under the table really sets off this area, and I'm loving it.
And Grandfather Ansgar's rocker has a nice safe spot as well,
right next to the cabinets that Valdemar handcrafted.

It did seem sad that those nice Coors steins and porcelains were hidden away,
so they are happier now.

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