Sunday, November 2, 2014

A fond farewell to my hero

Wally and Ev are now Dancing in the Stars

This morning, 11/2, at 6:30am, Dad's heart peacefully slowed to a stop.  

He had gall bladder surgery on Friday and by Saturday afternoon he was in trouble.  

It all ended in ICU with him intubated and on a ventilator.  
Even with that support, his body could not go on.  

It is the saddest day of our life.  He was a good Dad to us and a fun friend.  

We are grateful for the past two weeks we had together, not to mention his life of 92 years,  and we are also grateful that he did not suffer nor linger.  

As his heart slowed, it was as if he was slowly putting on the brakes until he finally came to a stop.

  Valdemar  "Wally" Johansen is now once again with Ev.  
They were a marriage that was meant to happen.  
We miss them both with all our hearts.  
Now instead of watching Dancing With The Stars, Wally & Ev are Dancing IN the Stars.

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