Wednesday, November 5, 2014


It's been a very hard couple of days, I keep going over in my mind every decision we made at the hospital, every action I took, as well as the actions of the medical folks, I keep wondering where it all went bad.  Of course, this kind of thinking is futile but I can't seem to really let it go either, and it makes me so sad to think 'what if?'. 

I remembered that Dad made a comment to me when Ev was first in Hospice and at the time I wrote it down.  He said "I have accepted that this happened, I realize I can't change it, and now I just have to get the right attitude about it".  So, I think these words were Dad's last and most important bit of life advice to me. 

I'm working on the 'right attitude' part.

The attached photo is from Sunday afternoon, 10/26 at the Lucky 7 Lodge, Kyle's cabin in The Barrens west of Luck.

Wanda Johansen
from my Note II

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