Sunday, November 9, 2014

Great Great Niece Alaina

Alaina is already 1!
It's crazy how time flies.
Rusty and Payton had a birthday party at Baldwin @ The AmericInn.
Pizza and swimming.
What a sweet little girl.

Alaina with something to say, like "Give me back my nook!"

 Poolside photographs are impossible for me but here is a snapshot of Alaina and her mom, Payton, as Alaina decides if she wants anything to do with this swimming idea.
Payton reported that after I left, Alaina decided she liked it.
Alaina and her mom, Payton

All the kids had so much fun.

Linsey and Vinny
It was fun watching how brave, or not so brave the kids are.
It does make me nervous though and I'm not a lifeguard, so I didn't stay poolside too long.

Payton made a cute cupcake birthday cake.  These cows were kind of melting, but they were very clever.
I did not stick around to eat cake but did take this 'selfie' with my great nieces before I left.
Alyxis, Wanda, Breanna
Fun family gathering.

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