Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Dad keeps us on our toes

Saturday, 11.1.2014
Dad had his gall bladder removed yesterday morning. The surgery went fine, now we hope for a good recovery.  He was in quite a bit of pain until about 7pm when they finally got the right drug combination.  He at some jello and broth before I left for home, and seemed to be feeling okay.  There is a question about some masses seen in a kidney on CAT Scan, so a urologist is stopping to see Dad today. Hopefully that is nothing too serious.

Friday, 10.31.2014
Yesterday Dad had a procedure performed by a Gastroeneterologist, called an ERCP: endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography.  This involved a scope down his throat to inspect his bile duct, stomach, and gall bladder.  As a result, he is scheduled for a gallbladder removal surgery this morning.   If all goes well he may be discharged over the weekend.  Fingers crossed!


Dad got sick on Monday about 530pm.  Just as we were about to watch his favorite, NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, he had severe Chest/abdominal pain and nausea. 
We called 911.  After a ride to the Rice Lake ER, and tests & examinations, it was decided he should be admitted to the hospital.   But, Lakeview Hospital in Rice Lake was full. 
Another ambulance ride and Dad was admitted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Eau Claire, WI.
It does not appear to be heart related at this time but some test results are not completed.   There is concern over high liver enzyme test results that may indicate a gall bladder problem.
He feels better and ate a big lunch on Tuesday.  
Laila had to fly home on Tuesday about noon, but I'm glad she was able to come for the weekend and really glad she was there when Dad had his episode.  Looks like at least one more day here in Eau Claire.  
They want to run a test using dye to further check the gall bladder, that is scheduled for Thursday morning at 8am.  So until then he is on a liquid diet.  Broth, coffee, juice and yellow jello.   What a deal! For a guy who loves to eat, a liquid diet is punishment.
After all he has been through in the past 6 weeks, he needs rest, he's exhausted of course.  Not that hospitals are very famous for being a restful place to hang out, but he is getting good care here.  And he has a nice view from his room on the 5th floor.
He wasn't very happy about missing 'Dancing With the Stars' Monday nite!
Just when we thought we could relax after Ev's burial and Memorial Service, we find ourselves in the hospital; Dad keeps us guessing. 
And so it goes.

Wanda Johansen
from my Note II

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