Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Hoops

Saturday started with 4th grade basketball in Shell Lake.  Great nephew Gage and his team won 2 games.  I only saw the second.
The lighting in the Shell Lake gym was really dim, it was a challenge to get any good photos.
Gage going for the ball.
Getting back

Then a quick 40 mile drive South to Clear Lake to see the Luck 7th graders play.  Great nephew Jack was playing on that team.  Saw the second half of his first game and then the next two games.
Jack is good a getting a steal from his opponents.
Here he starts on Defense and ends up on Offense after a steal.

Bleachers are killers after that much time, but the hoops were good.
Gage won both of his games.
Jack's team won the first two and lost the last one.
It is always fun to see the rest of Kyle's family as well.
Ruby and Stella hangin' out with Dad watching the game.
Little Jens is growing up so fast, I didn't get any photos tho, next time for sure.
Fun family day and good hoops too.

Click here for the LINK the complete album of Jack's pictures from today.

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