Thursday, January 12, 2012

A couple of updates & it is winter

On Tuesday I had lunch with my brother Gus.  For those of you who know he has been struggling with his health, for right now at least, his blood disorder seems to be under control.  He continues to have some upper respiratory / pneumonia, but that is treatable.
Wednesday is piano lesson day and I have graduated into the second instruction book.  I am pretty pleased with my progress.  I am able to play a few familiar songs by sight (although never without making at least one mistake) and I plan to continue the lessons.
Glenn and Kathy gave me a gift certificate for my birthday (my 2011 birthday) and I am going to post a picture of it here so that it will be in the 2012 blog book, that way it will be easy to see if I cash it in or not.  
Last summer I had said that my only summer goal was to finally ride in a canoe, it never happened...

We had a little snow today and it got cold overnight, so now at least the lakes will start to freeze again.  I got the driveway cleared this forenoon before I went to play bridge.  This was my second time playing with a group in Cameron, and it was very fun.  They are a nice bunch who are willing to help and teach as we play.

Don't be fooled by that winter sun, it was not warm and it never did come out.
More snow to push off the driveway tomorrow, but it is winter afterall.

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