Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Quick trip to Luck and back

I had a very successful day today.  I drove to Luck to finally do the final fix on Ryan's computer, and it is done, was easy and everything is working well for them again.  I dropped off my old set of dishes for Angie-yay that she wanted them and yay that they are out of my house.  Then I babysat for a couple of hours for Kyle and Heather so I got a few pictures of the kids to post.
Jens and Ruby were having a blast this afternoon....
But it wasn't long before it was nap time for the baby Jens...
And big sister Ruby needed a little recharge as well.
 But before I left, everyone was back wide awake and silly.
Stella and Ruby thought they were pretty silly wearing the big shoes.
I wonder what time these two finally settled down for bedtime.
I was also test driving a new 300mm camera lens on my trip to Luck.
Much to my delight, 2 eagles were easy to spot along the way.

I was directly under this big guy.
He gave me the eye a couple of times, I took it to mean "Move along".
So I did.

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