Monday, January 9, 2012

Big Fish

I had a lazy weekend, watching football and taking it easy after my Iowa trip.
Football was good, I really enjoyed the big win by the Broncos in overtime on Sunday, very exciting.
My nephew Ryan had an exciting Sunday too.
He caught a 35.25 inch Northern Pike ice fishing in Luck out in front of his brother Kyle's house.
It weighed 15 pounds.
He said that when they got it out on the ice he saw that it was barely hooked on the lip and the line broke just as he yanked it out of the ice hole.  His girls were watching from inside the house, but his nephew Gage was right there.  Very fun day for them and I am glad he had his camera and shared these photos.
 Ryan and the big Northern.
Elliana, Ryan, Milena
Big Fish

I think we will be seeing this fish again...hanging on the wall at Ryan's house.

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