Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A major project

Right before I left for Colorado, I had showed Dad the instructions for a child's chair that I found on Ana-White.com and suggested that we adapt this idea to build bar stools for our Sandcastle cabin.
I knew Dad could look at the plans and improve on them using the idea of a storage box as part of the chair construction.
When I got back from Colorado, Dad had the prototype almost complete and was in gear to start cranking out barstools.  I had thought this would be a project for over the summer, but Dad was motivated to get them made in time for The Hunt, which was 2 short weeks away.
With Laila here, it was busy, but we got the lumber home and the construction began.
Dad had to wear a warm uniform to work in the unheated garage.
Laila was in charge of inventory and parts management.
There were 6 chairs to be made and it took some organizing to make sure all the correct parts were cut.
It is fun to work with Dad in the woodshop.
Nothing like a staged photo
Happy workers
Due to winter temperatures, the kitchen became the assembly annex one evening.
Here is the picture of the prototype.
This picture hatched the idea.
Thank you ana-white.com
Ready for shipping
Ev and Dad and the finished project
Each owner will have their own stool and a little storage box for their valuables.
Friday morning before hunting, I drove up to the Sandcastle with a load of 3 stools.
The other 3 fit into Dana's pickup when he came to Rice Lake to pick up Dad for the hunting weekend.
The barstools are a fine addition to the cabin bar.
The crunch was really on during the construction of these stools, but it is very nice to have them completed and ready for card playing at the cabin.

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