Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Shores of Gitchee Gumee

I had a fun road trip on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to take the 'red sled' out for a drive.

My first stop was The Sand Castle. This is a rustic (no plumbing, no electricity) cabin co-owned by 3 of my nephews, my brother and myself. It's nestled in an area which is primarily reforestation by the paper mill companies. A few cabins & houses here and there, but quite secluded. I ate lunch at the picnic table in the sun and used the fabulous facilities (i.e. outhouse).

This place is amazing.

Sometimes I think the earth is getting so crowded, but it's sure not crowded in this area of the world.

I ran across this nice golf course out in the middle of some farm country. I'll have to check it out this summer.

Then I headed North to the big lake. I had heard that the ice was starting to go and I had not been to Superior or Duluth since I was a young girl.

Park Point in Duluth reminds of a little of Boulder, lots of joggers and walkers with dogs. This strip of land is probably only 100-200 yards wide at it's narrowest. Some of the houses are really something to see.

The beach is so interesting in the winter, and right now the ice is starting to leave the lake, so there are 'waves' of chunks of ice.

I stopped at Canal Park too. Next time I'm going to plan to have lunch & a beer at Grandma's Bar & Grill.

Finally, I decided to head back towards Rice Lake. Back over the big bridge, and driving South on Hwy 53, I saw a sign for Wisconsin Point. It was still daylight, so I decided to drive in and see what there was to see, am I ever glad I did!

Wisconsin Point Drive was a narrow road that runs along the south shore of Allouez Bay. On the North side of Wisconsin Point, is Lake Superior.

The ice floes were so interesting, like something from another planet.
This breakwater edged the channel where boats enter Superior / Duluth from Lake Superior. I am hoping to go back this summer and see that activity.
I took this 'glam' shot, just to prove I was there.
The road back to Hwy 53 was pretty rough, there was a sign that alerted me to travel at my own risk. I think it is named well, Moccasin Mike Road, it is probably paved comfortably for mocs but I took it pretty slow with my car. What a fun day!

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Mary Jo said...

So nice to have lunch today. We'll hopefully make a habit of it! Now...Hidden Greens North Golf Course - we have golfed there since it opened. And now I work there in the Fall after the kids go back to college.....say the word...come to Simms Lake and we'll make a day of golf and and fun!



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