Friday, March 27, 2009

Road Trip

Went on a short road trip today. Kris and Anders had to go to Spooner to deliver some canoe forms to Kris's friend, so I road along. Before we went, Anders was playing on the floor with Barley watching him, Anders was not too impressed by the kitty. Funny, he lives with 2 big dogs and doesn't mind them, but he was not happy about the kitty.

In Spooner, we got to visit a new venture that is a grass roots effort by local folks who love canoes and canoeing. Kris's friend, Mike Johnson, is the President of the group and they are in the beginning stages of renovating the old feed mill to make it into a canoe museum & workshop for canoe makers. It was very interesting, and the canoes that have been donated or loaned to the group are amazing. I know very little about canoes, and in fact have never been in one, but I'm about to win a beautiful cedar strip handmade canoe...well I bought 5 raffle tickets, so I'm focusing on the positive!!

Take a look at the website, very interesting. I volunteered to help in any way that my skills could provide assistance. I'm not a woodworker and probably can't help too much with the demolition that needs done, but I could supply some cold beer to the workers! I think it could be fun to get involved with this kind of project.


Keith, Carrie and Oliver said...

You have NEVER been in a canoe???

Wanda said...

Nope, never in a canoe...yet! If I win the fancy cedar strip canoe, life will have to change, I'll have to hang in the canoe everyday!


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