Sunday, March 8, 2009

Glenn and Wanda's Big Adventure

Long story, but basics brother Glenn and I went to Spooner, WI Friday night (about 30 miles from RL) to watch Sectional HS Girls Basketball tourney and on the way back his car overheated. We had to have a tow, from the middle of nowhere, back to my house in Rice Lake. Then I drove him home to his house in Spring Valley (about 80 miles) and we got there at about 1 a.m., so I slept there.

Saturday morning, Glenn & Kathy and their granddaughter Alyxis, came to RL to work on the car. After a full afternoon of disassembling parts from the car with the help of Doug Loyas, it was decided that a mechanic is needed. Glenn & Kath left here about 4pm. Just prior to that, Kris & Lora and Anders stopped in for a quick visit. Crazy couple of days!

The good news about Friday night, is that we saw two really good basketball games at Spooner, and the tow truck driver was quite an interesting fella as well. I also now have some new phone numbers in my cell phone, like the Wisconsin State Patrol - the dispatcher was very helpful with the phone numbers of towing companies.

Sunday is going to be a day of rest, and I think some snow is supposed to be coming as well.

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