Tuesday, December 9, 2014

It's an honor

Last week I headed for Luck on Friday to tie up loose ends for Dad's Memorial Service,
 planned for 12.13.14
After meeting with the Pastor and then the florist, I headed off to see Jack play basketball.  Jack is on the JV team this year, and while this game was not a winning effort, Jack played hard.  I hope he had fun, but it gets harder and harder for these athletes to stomach a loss, so it might be a while before he realizes he was having fun.

Jens isn't as interested in basketball as Jack, yet...

I had planned ahead to sleep over in Luck at Kyle's.  It's so nice that I feel an open invitation there.  When I mentioned to Stella that it had been a long time since I had slept over, she told me it was two years ago on Christmas.  I suspect she is right.  Last winter was so miserable, I rarely left Rice Lake.  It's really fun and a delight to be the honored sleep over guest.

These Badger fans, Stella and Ruby, are just too cute.

Saturday morning I got a little Jude time.
He's growing up fast, he's a happy guy, especially after a nap on great auntie's shoulder.
It's a sweet honor to hold a sleeping baby, that is for sure.

It is always fun to be at Kyle and Heather's.  
They are good hosts and the kids are so glad to have company.  It's really nice.

Jens had a sleep over at Grandma's, so when I got there Saturday morning, to pick her up, he gave me an introduction to his pals, The Seven Dwarfs.

Lois and I were going to head to a few craft sales, but first, we got to chase Abby, the wild puppy, around the golf course.  Kids on sleds is an invitation to fun for a puppy.
Lois was at the bottom of the hill, and Abby was racing up and down and all around.
Finally, I drove to the top of the hill and some kind folks up there helped me snag the pup.

Finally Lois and I headed off to the sales.  (The pup was happy to be in her kennel, she was worn out from all that fun!)  West Denmark was having a cookie walk and art sale.  We snagged a couple of the last of some sweet Danish hearts wall hangers and some tasty cookies.
The Dane School was decorated with the biggest Danish Heart Baskets that I have ever seen.

A great craft idea of a birch bark ornament 'tree' gives me one more idea for my 'to do' list.

As always, the Danish Christmas Tree is my favorite.

It was a fun day.
I think it was more than my recovering ankle was used to, but once I got home, I did some ice/elevate remediation and that helped.

The rest of this week is all about wrapping up the details for Dad's Memorial Service.
It's an honor to plan the farewell for our Dad.

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