Wednesday, December 17, 2014

He would have liked it

I found this cross stitch in among Dad's things.
I stitched it in 1987 but it holds true.

We gathered on Saturday to remember Dad and to honor his life.
The West Denmark Lutheran Church in Luck, Wisconsin was beautiful with a wreath where the oak cross normally hangs.
Such a beautiful setting.

The box holding Dad's ashes was handmade by Kris.  He used wood from the beams salvaged from the old Johansen house on County Trunk N.  The lid was secured with brass screws, Dad would have been proud of the workmanship.
A homage to a hero.
Dad was so proud of his military service and we paid proper tribute.

As the church began to fill, we took a quick photo of the Johansen kids.
Laila, Ralph, Glenn & Wanda

After a lovely church service, we traveled to the cemetery.
Military honors followed a short service.

Two sailors were standing at attention at Dad's grave when we arrived at the cemetery.

After a salute to the flag, one soldier marched to the side and taps were played on a bugle.

Meanwhile, the flag of the United States was held to the heart of the other sailor.

Then, the flag was unfolded slowly and with precision.
For a split second, the flag is snapped to full open over Dad.

Then, in tribute to the veteran, the flag is folded precisely into a triangle.

In accordance with tradition, the flag is presented to the oldest son, Ralph.

A couple of mementos were dropped into the ground and we covered Dad's ashes.

The service was over, friends drifted off, but Dad's family stood close for just a little longer.

Coffee and bars were served by the church women at the parrish hall following the cemetery.
Many friends and relatives were there and we spent several hours visiting.

Dad would have liked the singing of America the Beautiful as part of the service and I know he would have been delighted to see those USN Sailors fold that flag.

But it is so hard to say good-bye to the man who will always be our special hero.


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