Friday, August 29, 2008

Packing the truck

You have to have the fridge ready for a move.

Even Kent was impressed, I was ready.

Dave & Jim were in the truck all morning, what a great team.

The best part of this day was when it was DONE! and the cold beer after!

I should have mentioned all the good friends who showed up to help me with the huge job of packing the moving truck. Laila & Scott, Roche & Tom Tisdale, LeAnna Rosenow, Steve and Tammy Rockhold, Boomer, Kent Reichow, Jim Bartley, Dave Thomas. What a great bunch of friends. Within 4 hours we had packed the truck and managed to pack up all the odds and ends that I had not yet packed. About 90 plastic tubs and bunch of other stuff used up 14 feet in the 28 foot trailer.

I prepared for the move by cleaning the refrigerator!

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