Sunday, July 29, 2012

2012 Olympics in London & Summer flowers

The folks and I have been enjoying watching some of the Olympic Events on television.  Ev is especially interested as am I.  Dad has been working in the garage Johansen Cabinetry Shop for the past couple of days and making good progress.
But today, Sunday, we are having a very lazy day.  Naps and reading paper and watching Olympic events.
A few photos of my flowers from the other day.
Grandma's beans on the trellis I made.  They are doing great.
Here is the before picture, I was worried that his looked like a monolith, but turns out it was just right.

My cone flowers are on their last days.

The petunia side of the bean garden.

The High Bush Cranberry trees I planted 3 years ago finally have berries.

My day lilies are almost done, but this lemonade colored one sure was pretty.

This sunflower came up as a volunteer in one of the big pots I had cucumbers planted in.

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